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Technology is Cutthroat

Believe it or not, if you are a smartphone user you’ve probably chosen a side. What this means is that at some point a marketing strategy made you believe that one smartphone was better for some reason : it could have been the camera resolution, the software capabilities or the available apps. Even though most smartphones generally have the same capabilities as others, companies will latch onto a competitor’s flaw and highlight it in order to make you want to buy their product. Sadly, this is not limited to smartphones. Most technology-related products do this, from the most expensive computer to the cheapest set of headphones. But no piece of technology is flawless, and that is why it is important to read unbiased technology reviews before buying anything.

How to Remain Unbiased (Even When You Really Love a Product)

The line between unbiased and unnecessary can often be tricky, especially in this day in age. What unbiased reviewers aim to do is highlight both the good and the bad in order to provide a complete overview of the product. For instance, you may really love the newest game you just downloaded on your phone; It’s got great graphics, great music and is really fun to play. For the sake of argument, let’s say that this app was from a developer that you really love. However, this game is not as great as others that they have put out. You want to remain loyal to your app developer, but you also can’t in good conscience give this game a five star rating. It still is possible to give a good review of a product, and that is what we strive to do!

This reviewing process is simple. First, we always start out with the best parts of the technology. That way, each product gets a fair chance. Second, we review it with previously released products from the same company as well as similar products from other companies. We highlight what is different about this product in particular, and instead of telling the reader what to think with stock statements like “this doesn’t work” or “this is unbeatable”, we let the reader decided whether they like the differences better than one brand or another. Lastly, we do take consumer feedback into consideration. After all, the consumer is the most important part of the product’s network.

Why We Remain Unbiased

You will never see us recommend one brand or another, or see us be sponsored by one brand with a strong competitor. The free market is a strong ideal in this country, and we believe that it is important that all companies and products get an equal amount of consideration. If new and different ideas were never considered carefully, we would not be able to advance our society, and most likely we would be missing out on some life-changing inventions.

If you would like to provide any input, or would like to provide an unbiased product review, please contact me here!