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Hello & welcome to Entertain Techno Mania!

This weblog is run by me, Ben Waits. I am from Essex Junction, Vermont and am dedicated to bringing you the latest & greatest in the world of technology. Vermont is a pretty outdoorsy place, and I’ve never been much for the outside. Therefore, I’ve kept myself busy with technology since I was young. From building computers to reading up on the latest technology product releases, I consider myself an authority on all things technology-related.

That being said, I will only ever post about the best products on my site. If it is here, I like it! (And chances are — I’ve probably tried it out a time or two). Products must measure up to my standards, and if they don’t then they are out.

Despite being a techno-geek, I am actually pretty outgoing and I love to talk to people. If you feel like you would like to reach out to me, I can be contacted by email at any time of day. Looking forward to speaking with you!