Latest General Technology Reviews

MIT Tech Reviews : The latest and greatest technology news from the most reputable US technology school.

New York Times Tech News : The New York Times offers insight to what’s new in the world of technology.

Telegraph Technology : United Kingdom’s own look into the worldwide technology boom and products you might want to review.

Apple Related Technology

Official Apple Support Discussion Communities : A resource for Apple Fans related to newest Apple technology and DIY apple product fixes.

Reddit Apple : Equal part interest discussion and resource, this page is a great resource for when you want to talk to a human about an apple issue.

PC Related Technology

The PC guide: This is comprehensive discussion board for all things PC -related by PC users .

PC Magazine: PC Magazine online offers you all of the newest PC-related articles and reviews.

Consumer Reviews and Reports : This site is a collection of technology (and other) company contact resources and consumer reviews for notoriously hard to reach technology companies.

Consumer Reports : In addition to providing a safe place to leave feedback about a large company, this site also offers reviews of the newest technology : from phones to lawnmowers.

For Aspiring Tech Moguls

Small Business Resources : This government-sponsored website includes resources for aspiring business moguls and others who have marketable ideas.

US Trademark and Patent Office : The government wants to help you trademark your tech idea, and this page has many resources regarding how to go about doing that.



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