Get Back to the Future with the Latest Hoverboard Technology

Smooth Move, Marty McFly

In Back to the Future II, Marty McFly travels to 2015 and encounters our present. While some of the technology in that movie did not turn out to exist in 2015, there were quite a few products that did end up becoming a reality. One of those products that has been long-anticipated by science fiction fans and technology moguls is the hoverboard. While technology has not reached the point where we can actually fly on a hoverboard, there are now hoverboards on the market that are hands-free, directive moving technology. And like the movie, these do not work over water either.

How Does it Work?

The hoverboard basically looks like a Segway without the handles. However, it is more like a really complex computer that wants to get you from here to there. Its body contains a motherboard, which allows the various different computer parts located in the hoverboard to function correctly with the correct command. These commands are controlled by the pressure that you place on each foot, which are carefully detected with pressure pads. This can be a learning curve for some people, but it should not steer you away from the hoverboard entirely. What is especially exciting is the gyroscope features on each board. This is what allows you to balance without handles, as you normally would with a Segway. These sensors keep you from falling forward, and are located in the wheel.

Should I Be Worried About Heat?

When hoverboards first became popular, websites could hardly keep them stocked. Amazon, in fact, claimed to have sold an estimated one hoverboard every twelve seconds as part of their Cyber Monday deals. However, with the increased demands for hoverboards, many resulted to buying overseas knockoffs. These products were poorly made, and were almost always the culprit behind the “exploding hoverboard” phenomena. While there are many people who have sworn off hoverboards because of these safety concerns, there is a simple explanation as to why some hoverboards were prone to heat and explosive properties. Two main components of the hoverboard , the logic board and the battery, both produce a lot of heat. While most hoverboards now put these components on opposite sides of the board, a combination of proximity and poor ventilation have been rumored to have caused this phenomenon ; an error which most hoverboards have sought to remedy. While this is a concern you can always bring up with the manufacturer, most reviews from this year will indicate that this is generally not still a safety concern.

Regardless, it is always good to do your research before buying any product — hoverboards included. For more information, or to find a hoverboard for sale, check out this website. They’ll help you glide into the future.